UPDATE – March 2017

The great procrastinator is no more. She’s now a former procrastinator who still over- thinks everything but gets a lot more done. She no longer fears social media. Although there are trolls and spammers and idiots out there, social media is also home to a whole load of kind people who care about the world and the things in it. Real proper humans.

The great procrastinator’s blog was the first step in a journey, but now she can embed tweets and do gifs and everything, she feels like she’s nearly home.

 Kathryn Clark. Writer. Reader. Runner. Former Procrastinator.

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And read her work Paper Worlds

Original About Me:

The great procrastinator has a fear of all things social media. All things social, actually. As a writer in the social media age, this presents a big problem.  Bring in the evil twins, Laziness and Perfectionism, and the great procrastinator spends a significant amount of time achieving not very much at all.

Getting some stuff published has forced the great procrastinator to face up to these demons.  This blog is the first step in a journey, long and meandering, no doubt, a bit like this sentence, with lots of stops along the way to write lists, eat cake, drink coffee and take cute photo’s of the cat.  “Feel the fear. Do it anyway.” And all that.IMG_0588-001

By the way, if you are looking for “The Great Procrastinator” by Stornoway, this is not it. Apt lyrics, though.


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