On Mondays I park on Friday Street

IMG_1892I said that to my friend once.  It was a factual statement as I attended an exercise class each Monday and I parked in the car park on Friday Street.  However, she laughed because it seemed to sum up my personality – being something of a Friday person and parking up on a Monday to wait until Friday came.  She sees herself in the same way. In fact, we first fell into friendship when confessing, while walking back from dropping off small children at school, that beneath our coats we were both still wearing what we’d slept in, and not only that, she was on the way to the corner shop as she’d had no bread to make the packed lunches.

There are plenty of things out there in the world about all that slummy/yummy mummy stuff, and I so don’t want to get involved in all that.  It bores the pyjamas off me.  My point is we both view ourselves as the sort who muddle through the week until Friday finally comes, but actually we spend a huge percentage of our time being completely capable and organised, solving problems and getting things done – it’s just they all seem to be things for other people.

I’d already started writing this post earlier today and then, this evening, the IT Director said there’d been a “story” on the news saying that women spent a whole year of their lives shopping.

Had they also done research, I asked, on how much time women spend doing things for other people?

Procrastinating, you mean? he said.

Hmm – maybe it is a form of procrastination.


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