Rag Tugby and Baby Cheese

Why can’t I type the word the without typing teh and having to go back and swap teh letters?  Word auto corrects it and so I have never learnt to type the word properly, it would seem.

It’s not just typing, though.  Speech causes problems, too.

Someone told me, the other day, that she keeps calling the excellent series ‘Breaking Bad’, Baking Bread.

I have an issue with Tag Rugby which becomes Tug Ragby, Rag Tugby, Rug Tagby,by which point the conversational thread is gone and my daughter is despairing of me.  She’s one to talk.

When small, she was given a fancy dress outfit for Christmas.  It was a Barbie ‘Princess and The Pauper’ themed dress (also played a tune – classy stuff).  Anyway, the little one couldn’t say Pauper, so the outfit was known as the Princess Porker dress, ultimately shortened to Princess Pork. Cut to Barbie shuddering in horror.

The same child had a problem with Jesus, too.  He was known for quite some time in our house as the Baby Cheesus, which became, you’ve guessed it, Baby Cheese.

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