List writing skills

I discovered yesterday that I am not alone in a list writing habit I have. My friend, graphic designer, mum of two, and all round superwoman, does exactly the same as me:

  1. Write a list of everything that needs to be done
  2. Do none of the things on the list
  3. Do some other more enjoyable things instead
  4. Add these things to the bottom of the list
  5. Cross them off

Yesterday, the things she added to the bottom of her list were “go to zumba” and “buy scones.”



My, but setting up a blog is a marvellous way to procrastinate while kidding yourself you are actually doing some writing.

I can now add a number of blog related procrastinations to my list each morning. Blogcrastinations, as I have named them.  This is the start of my effort to get a new word into the OED. It was a new year’s resolution, and now it’s April so I’m moving forward at my usual pace on that one.


Half an hour later and I’ve discovered that I haven’t invented a new word after all. A few moments on Google and I am depressed to learn, once again, that I have never had an original thought in my life. There is always someone who has got there before me. Someone who doesn’t procrastinate, perhaps?